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Five Years Ago Today

most of us remember the horrible story of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig sinking in the Gulf of Mexico resulting in the death of 11 people. Many of us remember the entrance of politics into the disaster trying to make this President Obama's fault.

Five years later it is amazing what we don't know about the disaster and how little has been done to prevent the next one.

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They're still using the BOP's that failed on other wells:

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Wikipedia's BOP page:

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Do we want to know?

Oil is cheap, OPEC is toothless, and the U.S. Is producing a significant amount of its own oil. Oh, and studies show global warming is fake.

Problem solved, right?

I just watched a documentary on this disaster on KQED. The documentary really put a human face on the crippling physical and emotional effects on so many people's lives.

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