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Is This the Year of the Warrior?

The Warriors, with an unbelievable 67-15 win/loss record (NBA's best this year) start their first Playoff game in a couple of hours against the New Orleans Pelicans. Pelicans? Who names an NBA team the Pelicans, anyway? Well, never mind that for now.

I can only remember one team with a better record going into the Playoffs, and that was MJ's Bulls ... on their way to another NBA Championship.

There are several things to consider here, as I see it.

First, the Warriors have been mediocre at best for so long. They made a run last year under Mark Jackson, who really did a great job as Coach bring out the best in his players. I was upset at his departure, but Kerr is no stranger to basketball and to winning basketball (he played on MJ's Bulls Championship teams and was a 3 point monster). Although there are a few players that were/are better than Kerr at 3's, they are very few and far between; Steph Curry would be one and of course Indiana's killer guard Reggie Miller another.

Next, we have the regrettable and embarrassing 49er meltdown thanks to a moron owner. Who fires the most successful NFL coach in history, anyway. York and his puppet master Baalke, that's who. Egos can be so ridiculously silly and costly. I see a mess for a long time with the Niners. That is both unfortunate and frankly, hurtful. York is such an ass.

Next, we have the SF Giants. They're not off to a good start, but it is only the season's beginning. But never mind all that; it's not an even year, so we can hope for a good season, but not necessarily another Championship there this year.

The Sharks ... well, what can we saw about the Sharks; always the bridesmaid at best. Too bad because they have had good teams capable of winning a Championship, but have always seemed to meltdown when thing got tough.

So, that takes us back to the winningest team in the NBA this year. Can they do it? You betcha they can. Will they do it? I sure hope so. There are no laydowns in Championship NBA games and opponents, but if the Warriors can respect each team they face, and follow the old one game at a time adage, I think we can see the Warriors doing a victory lap in the form of a parade for the new NBA Champs!

I sure hope so. These guys are so much fun to watch and have had such an incredible season.



This evening will provide us with Game 3 of the second round in the Playoffs. I expected the Warriors to sweep their first opponents, the Pelicans. Who names an NBA team the Pelicans, anyway. They just couldn't match up with the strength and depth of the Warriors and it showed - 4 and out.

The Memphis Grizzlies (a better name, btw) were and are the Warriors next opponent. Things looked pretty good in the first game, which the Warriors won (at home), but the second game ... well, frankly, the Warriors stunk up the joint and suffered only their third loss at home this season. They just were not themselves and failed to produce at any aspect of the game.

Well, that's all the press needed and they all jumped all over the Warriors. They can't do it, they're playing a better defense than they've seen or have, Curry's MVP was misplaced, Thompson is a mess, it's all over but the crying - whatever sold more papers or got more views, the pundits were all over the Warriors.

Putting this into some real context, the Warriors had the best season record in the NBA this year for a reason - a bunch of reasons really. Forget the press pundits because all they really want is your attention so they can sell ads. What matters, and the only thing that matters, is the two teams players and their respective coaching staffs.

When taking a strong look at those two qualifiers, there is little to no question as to what the results of this series will be. The only question is, in how many games?

I figured from the start that the Warriors would sweep the first team they played, and they did. It wasn't as pretty as I had hoped, but it was decisive. I also figured the Warriors would lose one against their next opponent (just not at home on the night Curry received his well deserved MVP Award). OK, the one is done - now finish these guys off, too. And I fully expect the Warriors to do just that - win the next three games to move on to the next opponent (likely the Clippers, which should go 6 and maybe even 7 games before the Warriors win and move to the next one).

The game starts this evening at 5:00 PM our time. They will be playing against the Memphis Grizzlies in their house for the first time in this series, which is tied at one win each.

I fully expect the Warriors to return the favor from game 2 this evening, then win the next 2 to move on.

Go Warriors!! Give them what they "deserve" and show they why you are the best team in the NBA this year (and likely more to come).

I have no words to describe how game 3 went in Memphis. The Warriors were outplayed in every quarter. Looks like I was wrong again. I do hate being so wrong.

I guess that's why they play the games.

Best I can tell, it looks like a coaching loss. The game is all about match-ups and the Warriors are a far better and deeper team. Kerr's job is to find the best match-ups to make the players comfortable within their abilities. That hasn't happened in the last two games and it wasn't even close.

Let's see how game 4 plays out.

Finally! This is what I expected. These guys are kicking it, and I mean big time.

Great game and so long funk!

Game 5 started out shake, but the Warriors wiped the sandman from their eyes and picked it up in the 2nd quarter - and never looked back. And they looked good doing it, in Oakland. Crowd participation was encouraged and active. It was a battle, but the Warriors are the superior team and acted like it.

The only possible downside that I could see is that they think they can play three quarters (slacking of for one) and beat anybody. This is the playoffs. Any team in the playoffs can beat another.

The next, and hopefully the last game of this series is Friday in Memphis. The Warriors should be able to wrap this one up in Memphis and get ready for the next opponent. As they continue to elevate in the playoffs the competition elevates too. Starting the next round, they will need to play every minute of every quarter (12 X 4 = 48 minutes) to win it all. There will be no gifts and no domination. One mistake might cost them.

It would be a shame if they don't play their best every minute and lose because of it. If they do really get after it and do the best they can, they should win it all; but if they play their best every minute and lose along the way - at least they played their best all the time ... no regrets.

Good Luck gentlemen. Tear it up, starting with what should be your last encounter with Memphis this season on Friday.

This tread is funny because as I scanned down to read others comments about "my" Warriors, George left 4 or 5 separate comments on his thread. I know the Warriors since I am a home grown Golden Warrior fan born and raised in San Francisco. I suggest George you write a daily column for TA.

Yeah, ... thanks Seal, but no thanks.

I'm just another guy that loves basketball. Played most my life, until I couldn't anymore.

I'm a football freak, too - but with York as owner of the Niners and the absolutely ridiculously stupid moves he's made and allowed (thanks Trent, you ass), I don't see the Niners even having a shot at another Ring for a decade. York allowed our team to be obliterated, and all over ego. One might have thought that fairly recent history with the Cowboys conflict between Jimmy and Jerry - two Huge egos - might have been a lesson ... but oh, no.

The Giants are, well, the Giants and as long as Bochy is the Coach and maintains his relationship with ownership, they should remain at least competitive, as recent history demonstrates.

But the Warriors? It's been a long, long, very long time since they've been able to compete at this level and they are fully qualified to win it all - just keep it simple, do what got you here, make the adjustments that will be needed at this level (for matches) and we should see them cross this season's finish line as World Champs.

These guys are (usually) so much fun to watch ... and yes, they are that good. If they don't come out of this with a Ring, it will be only because they beat themselves (IMHO).

And yes, I undoubtedly will continue to comment throughout the playoffs (as long as the Warriors are in it).

Thanks Seal and Go Warriors!!!

Was that a game last night or what? The Warriors started right off with a 3 pointer and a two pointer to take a 5-0 lead right out of the gate ... and never relinquished the lead. There was no question who the better team was last night as the Warriors dominated the Grizzlies in their house from beginning to end.

But the play of the night, the one that you just watch, and as the seconds seem like minutes as you watch, and as each frame of the image moves forward you start to hold your breath in disbelief was at the end of the third quarter when Iggy blocked a Grizzlie shot, Steph got the ball - and heaved it - no, that's not accurate, he shot it - from 3 feet outside the opposite end's 3 point line and it hit nothing but net ... such a sweet sound (for him and Warrior fans everywhere). That sweet shot, one of 160+ attempts this year, looked like it had a guidance system in it as everyone watched and the home crowd's breath all left the arena as the ball slipped through the bottom of the net. So Sweet.

That's 2 down now; and the winner of the Houston Rockets vs LA Clippers next and final game of their series (Game 7) will be the Warriors next opponent in their Championship run. I don't care which one wins to face the Warriors because I have no doubt the Warriors can handle either one very well - although the Clippers are in the same Conference as the Warriors, so they know each other better. That might present more interesting match-ups, but so what?

These Warriors are on a mission. Kerr did a great job of getting them through their 2 game funk (Games 2&3) to just clean house from there on out (Games 4, 5, 6).

Warriors sweep the Pelicans; Warriors in 6 over the Grizzlies - who wants some?

Congratulations gentlemen. Don't stop electrifying us now; Take it all!

George, while I admire your enthusiasm for our local basketball team, I remain a hockey fan.

In the words of an old drinking buddy of mine "it takes more athletic ability to lace up your hockey skates than to play basketball". Marooch

Web Link

Besides, basketball players fight like girls

"... I remain a hockey fan." It's OK Mr Bills; nobody's perfect. We all luv you despite your faults. After all, isn't that what friendship is all about?

Almost every time I see the word hockey, my memory kicks in - I followed a friend of mine to an Agency meeting in San Luis Obispo some years back. On his rear bumper was a sticker; "Donate Blood - Play Hockey" It was a 4 hour trip down and again back. I just smiled.

As to that quote by your drinking buddy; ignorance is bliss! He must have been half in the bag when he said it ... or he's never played basketball ... or both.

Enjoy your weekend Mr Bills.

Well I'm really enjoying these posts, by George. I don't know a thing about basketball but reading the column by someone you "know" makes it fun to learn. You can appreciate perfection in any sport, and that long toss by Curry was the picture of beauty.

Nothing of course (lol) like the the Giants' Grand Slam last April by Bumgartner (!) or the knee-cracking catch by Maxwell, or Lincecum's return to glory, or especially those two double plays by Crawford-Panik shoveling the ball from the ground. The team gritting it out to sweep the Dodgers after an eight game losing streak. Just spectacular! The ways a baseball game can go are a never ending thrill.

In comparison basketball looks like a whole lot of the same -- toss to this guy, toss to that guy. Chuck it at the hoop. But that's because I don't know what I'm looking at. Baseball used to look vapid too.

For the most tedious game how can it not be soccer? Run up the field run down the field run back up again. Score once in the game. Snoooze....

Here's a little something to demonstrate 2 things; 1) support my synopsis (to some degree) & 2) and more to the point, to allow the viewer the opportunity to see that incredible 3 pointer by Curry to close out the third period and take the wind out of the Grizzlie's sails once and for all: "Curry's 62-foot buzzer-beater propels Warriors over Grizzlies, into West finals", Web Link

As it seems it is with anything either fun or important these days, there have been differing opinions by experts and others on Curry's 3 pointer distance. In an effort to clear the fog and squabble on that point, I present you with a basketball court, courtesy Wiki, so anyone interested can see All the dimensions and measure it out for yourselves (if interested). During the game, the announcer called it 74' / during an interview immediately after the game on the court, Curry said 75' and shortly thereafter in studio the commenters (and author of the piece I just linked) called it 62'.

It doesn't really matter, does it ... other than it was spectacular, had an multi-faceted impact and was fun to watch.

Here's how I look at it: the court is 94' long - the 3 point line, at the top of the key, is 23.75' from it's end of the court. I'd say Curry was 3' behind that 3 point line, or three feet closer to the opposite end of the court from the opposing 3 point line - 94' - 23.75' (opposing 3 point line at top of key) = 71.25' from the opposing other end of court - subtract another 3' (Curry's position) and we get to 68.25'.

I'd say his shot was none of the specific claims above. Based on my back of the napkin calculations, it appears Curry's shot was roughly 68'. That, my friends, is a very long way to sink a shot in any league.

Silly me - I forgot to present what I stated: "Basketball court", Web Link , from Wikipedia. Judge for yourselves. You can use the video to find Curry's location, and Wiki to figure it out.

We'll find out tomorrow who will be the Warriors next victim (Houston Rockets or LA Clippers).

Looks like the Warriors will be playing the Houston Rockets, a team that they played four times this season (I believe) and handled easily; But ... these are the play-offs, so anything is possible.

I was hoping for the Clippers. Being in the same Conference, the two teams know each other fairly well, which always makes for an interesting game or series.

But in the end, it is all about match-ups. Looking at that reality, I don't think Houston really got what they wanted by beating the Clippers. The Warriors are not to be trifled with and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this series done in 5 with the Warriors moving on to face the winner in the east (Cleveland or Atlanta).

Either one of those teams will present new challenges for the Warriors, but nothing they can't 'handle'. I am so looking forward to that, but Golden State will first have to eliminate Houston ... one game at a time. That is where their focus is and should be. Don't underestimate an opponent, lest you regret it.

First game is Tuesday, at GS (Oakland) @ 6:00 PM. Go Warriors!!

Alright Warrior fans, tonight is the first of the next best of seven, and the last western series. The winner of this one will play for the Championship against the winner of the Cleveland-Atlanta series (east) which begins tomorrow evening.

We're getting ever so close to that Championship. All the Warriors have to do is do what got them here; focus on one at a time, make whatever adjustments needed when needed - and continue to play some of the most exciting basketball we've seen in a very long time.

These guys are just so much fun to watch - and they look like they are having fun, too - and make it look easy in the process.

Go Warriors! Light 'em up!

One down, three to go; but it wasn't as easy as it should have been.

Right out of the gate Houston just controlled the game, or at least that's how it appeared - until 5 minutes left in the 2nd period.

The Warriors were down by 16 points with a little over 5 minutes to go before the half, and they started doing what they do. By the end of the 2nd period (first half), the Warriors were up 3 points. They wiped out a 16 point deficit and added another 3 to go into halftime with a 3 point lead!

Are they really that good? Can they just go on runs against anybody, anytime they want? Looked like it last night. These guys are so exciting, so much fun to watch.

To be held to just 24 points in the first period ... at home ... is not a good sign. Plus, Houston had 31 points in the first period. That just can't happen, but it did and the Warriors turned on the defense late in the 2nd period which created offensive opportunities - and they took full advantage of it.

Going into the end of the regular season, there was quite a fuss over who was going to be the NBA MVP for the year. It was a two person contest between Curry and Harden. We got a glimpse of why last night; but in the end, Steph Curry showed everyone why he was the League's MVP. He just lit it up offensively and defensively. Curry led the Warriors to win number one, at home, against a tenacious Houston club. Game 2 is tomorrow evening in Oakland. It ought to be a good game and the Warriors should win, but it doesn't appear this series is going to be as easy as I thought.

Oh, but that doesn't mean I think this goes seven games. The Warriors should win this series in five (or less), but each game will be tough.

Great job guys; keep it going and try not to give me a heart attack in the process, please.

Alright, Game 2 of the Western Conference finals is on in a few minutes.

Will Dwight Howard Play? Will Steph be ... well ... Steph, have the Rockets figured out how to stop the Warriors, and visa-versa, do the Warriors have a handle on the Rockets?

Lots of questions, most of which will have answers in the next few hours.

I hope the Warriors blow the Rockets right out of the Coliseum; beat 'em by 20+, like I know you can. Why? Well, the win is always good, but the next two games will be in Houston and for them to crawl home with a massive butt-whipping to think about, it can only help the Warriors going forward.

We'll see. GO WARRIORS!!!!!

A squeaker, a thriller, one more W on their way to a Championship. I was hoping for a blowout; oh well, I'll take the win anyway.

Houston tightened up their D in this game and it showed. GS, some say, was lucky to pull the one out.

Now we go to Houston. You can bet that the Rockets are happy about that, as I'm sure their fans are too. If they played GS that tight here at home, the next two games, both of which are in Houston will be tough games. I hope GS sweeps them, but after watching last night's game, I'm thinking this could go seven. I sure hope not, but it sure does look that way.

These two teams play entirely different games and it is a constant battle to see who's style wins. I believe GS is the best team in the NBA this year and also believe they are that much better then Houston, but I didn't see it last night, and now we go to their house.

Looks like we have ourselves a series here. Next game, Game 3, is tomorrow.


I was expecting a battle from the opening tip. Didn't get it.

I was expecting Harden to get even instead of getting mad. Didn't get it.

I was expecting the Warriors to have their toughest game yet. Didn't get it.

I was expecting Houston to be more physical, particularly in their house, with their fans in their first game of the Western Conference Finals at home. Didn't get it.

I expected the Houston fans to really pour it on. Didn't get it.

I didn't get any of what I expected from this game, but I did get what I was hoping for -

Another WARRIOR WIN!!! 3-0 now with a shot to close out in 4.

Are this guys Really that good?

Are this guys Really that good? ... should be, Are these guys Really ...?

Can't blame that one on Yosemite. That was all me, just so excited and surprised.

Last night's game was, for all intents and purposes, over at the end of the first quarter.

In pro ball, there are four quarters @ 12 minutes each. The Rockets, thoroughly dominated and embarrassed in Game 3 in their house by our Warriors (GS won by 35!) got kind of even in Game 4. They faced elimination (best 4 out of 7) and came out guns blazing. Houston scored 45 points in the first quarter - 45 points in 12 minutes!! Amazing. I don't recall ever seeing that done in a Championship Game. They were on a mission and GS helped them out by being lethargic; they didn't 'wake up' until the second quarter, and by then it was too late. They made it respectable, but lost.

Further, Steph, just being Steph, tried to block a shot and went head over heels, landing painfully on his head and right shoulder on the hardwood floor. Once up, he was taken to the locker room for tests for conclusion. It was a very nasty fall; but Steph came back out in the third period and after a few misses, was back at it again.

Next game is here tomorrow evening.

I fully anticipate the Warriors to put Houston away tomorrow evening for 2 reasons (3 really);

1) they do not want to give Houston any more chances 2) they will want to take back their dominance, particularly after what Steph suffered (and I'm sure he'll light it up) 3) Golden State is simply the better team

Game starts at 6PM at the Coliseum. I expect the fans will be nuts, which will help; but this team has shown time and again that they can and will make whatever adjustments needed to not only win, but dominate. That is what I expect to see and hope to see tomorrow.

We'll see. Go Warriors!!!!

It wasn't the game I wanted to see, nor the one I suspected, but the results are what count and the Warriors are going to the Bog Dance! That's two down and one to go.

I'm excited and drained all at the same time. These guys are going to kill me, I know it.

Houston was tougher than I thought they'd be.

Now for Cleveland. Where the heck IS Cleveland, anyway? They are in for a spanking.

" ...the Warriors are going to the Bog Dance!" should read " ...the Warriors are going to the Big Dance!" Don't know if that was Yosemite or me; sorry.


On Thompson's knee to his head last night: "Klay Thompson couldn't drive home, threw up after undiagnosed concussion", Web Link

Maybe it is just me, but it appeared to me that once Curry took that incredibly nasty fall and had to leave, that Thompson stepped up and did what he has done so often this season; he lit it up. That, after all, is why and how Curry and Thompson have been nicknamed "the Splash Brothers".

I watched the game and saw the contact. I don't believe it was deliberately malicious no more than I believe Curry's topsy terry rough fall was - it happens in basketball ... but of course basketball isn't a "contact sport", is it?

I saw Thompson return from the locker room, appearing ready to play, with blood coming out of his ear. Folks may remember the NBA rule that went into effect after Majic came out with his AIDS admission, left the game and came back; No blood on the floor. The thought was/is that taking that precaution would reduce the possibility of contracting a fluid transmitted disease.

It is troubling to me that Thompson has in fact been diagnosed with a concussion from the knee to his ear. It is troubling to me that he didn't have those pronounced symptoms until later. It worries me that he may be at risk going forward.

I hope he's OK and can play in what is any athlete's dream; the pinnacle contest for the best of the best in their sport.

I also hope that the doctors responsible for diagnosis of Thompson do their level best to be as thorough and accurate in determinations as is possible in today's medicine.

I would hate to lose any player in this upcoming series for this upcoming series. I would hate it worse if they played and it damaged their future health or worse.

Thoughts and prayers to all the athletes on both clubs.

alright, it was most certainly Yosemite at work: "...no more than I believe Curry's topsy terry rough fall ..." should read "...no more than I believe Curry's topsy turvy rough fall..."

Also, "...the NBA rule that went into effect after Majic came out with his AIDS admission, ..." should read "...the NBA rule that went into effect after Magic came out with his AIDS admission, ..."

How 'bout them Warriors, huh? Was that a good game or what?

I won't go into all the stats and nuances of Game 1 of the NBA Finals; there's plenty of that in the news; but I will say it was a heck of a game and although in typical fashion, the Warriors kept my blood pressure high throughout, I never doubted them or their will to win.

The only downside that we may have seen from yesterday's game is the possible loss of Cavalier All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. It doesn't look good for his return and that is very unfortunate.

Speaking for myself, I'd rather see both teams with all their available resources at the ready and playing, and let the best team win.

Handicapping either team is unfortunate ... and will always cause talk amongst some.

I hope Irving can continue to play. He played a great game until he went down in OT. Without him, stick a fork in Cleveland - they're done.

Very bad and unfortunate news: "Finals over for Irving; Cavalier's guard set for surgery", Web Link

Very disappointing news. From here, the Finals should be one sided and done in four (with one down already). I can't see the Cavs winning even one now, or even a close match like we saw last night, and that is a shame.

I hope it all works out well for Irving.

Had the last two Cavalier shots scored, we wouldn't have gone on to overtime. The Warriors dominated overtime. It was a great game! I think the final score was 108-100. It will be a great series. Go Warriors!!

Last night's game showed a very impressive Cleveland D. They worked it from the opening tip throughout the game.

The Warriors, with the exception of Klay Thompson, looked lost all night. A strong defense can do that, but it looked like a combination of good D and a lackadaisical Warrior team. It was frustrating to watch.

And through it all, the Warriors were in it, even tying it up for a second overtime in as many games - a first in NBA Championship history.

I have no doubt that the Warriors will adjust and will came away as this year's NBA Champion, but they need to want it more and play better. There is no doubt that they have the better, deeper team. They need to show it - Now.

Tied at 1-1, in a best of 7 series. Next game tomorrow, in Cleveland. Let's see how that goes.

Stephen Curry was way off his game last night. I hope he does better tomorrow night during game three.

It has taken me a while to sort this out, and share thoughts. I am unbelievably disappointed in both Games 2 and 3.

One would have thought the Warriors would have made the appropriate adjustments in preparation for last night's game in Cleveland. They obviously did not, and it showed.

Of course it's easy for me to sit here and dissect the games from the comfort of home, but I have played basketball all my life; love the game. What I am witness to through the first three games in this Championship is hard to swallow.

The Warriors are the better team. Their record shows it and their stats show it. They are also a deeper team, meaning they have more players, very good players, than Cleveland has. Yes, only 5 can play at the same time, but the Warriors have a deeper and better bench for contributions.

This Warriors team has looked lost through all three games, the last two in particular - and they are lost. What is missing here, imho, is coaching. Don't get me wrong; Kerr has taken this team to heights we haven't seen in decades and I am grateful for that, but he's choking when it really counts. Getting to this point is not easy. The opportunity should not be squandered ... and we are watching it slip away to an inferior team.

James is an awesome player; no argument there, but he is one person. It takes a team to win. He has elevated the play of his mates and himself, but they still aren't as good as the Warriors. Cleveland has played tremendous defense, which creates offensive opportunities while the Warriors stand around looking confused.

Steve Kerr has to step up and coach these Warriors. They aren't applying the defense that we have come to expect. They are not rebounding. They, many times, look like they're at some playground with no offense save shoot the ball from anywhere with no one under the net. Their foul count is up while at the same time not getting the fouls to offset that.

In an NBA Championship, no team has ever won playing a quarter or two - not even Boston, the Lakers, or the Bulls with Mike.

The Warriors are now down 2-1 with the next game tomorrow night ... in Cleveland. This thing is slipping away. They have to want it and need the coaching for the best match-ups and best results. They look like deer in the headlights and if they continue that, Cleveland will win this Championship.

There is time, but not a moment to waste.

C'mon Coach - lead these Warriors to the promise land they have worked so hard for and deserve. We never know if/when the next opportunity will come again. Seize this moment and kick some ass, will ya?


Look at me. I'm so disappointed and down that I can't even spell Warriors right!

Play all 48 minutes with all you have and I promise I'll never mis-spell Warriors again!

Whoever or whatever stole our Warriors and substituted some lookalikes gave them back to us tonight. Great game. It was good to see the Warriors that we've seen all season.

This game was theirs from the start and they played all four quarters like they wanted it.

Rebounds, screens, defense, fighting all the way. They mad the Cavs look like what they are; a good team, but over their skins.

The newfound Cleveland 'hero', the little fella from down under, displayed the large jeuvos attitude that his ability can't match. Battleship mouth, boatload ass. He couldn't keep up. James cramped up, too. The Warriors were playing their game, finally.

Now, with the series tied at 2-2, they come back to Oakland for #5 on Sunday.

I am optimistic that our Warriors we know and love aren't hijacked again, and that they get the job done in 6. They should / they're suppose to / they can, but we'll have to stay tuned to see.

Welcome back guys. It was good to see you tonight; been a while.

Great news! I couldn't watch the game so thanks for posting.

Well, we're on the cusp of Game 5, in Oakland. Start time is less than an hour away (5:00). Should be a good game.

After the 'altercation' between Delly and Lee/Curry at the end of the first quarter of Game 4, I'm curious to see how he is handled and how he plays.

You gotta give the Aussie credit for one thing; he is playing hard, even if his juevos aren't the size he thinks they are.

Is the Game 4 formula the one that takes the Warriors all the way?

I guess we'll see.


Great game. It was a battle, until the fourth quarter when the Warriors pulled away from the exhausted Cavs (again).

There is story after story on it in the news, but the theme is the same now that Kerr has found "small ball".

But the best part for me was the absolute schooling Curry provided Delly; well deserved and in the fourth quarter - relentless. Steph worked that boy like a rented mule and all Delly could do is take it. Steph embarrassed Delly repeatedly. I was glad to see it.

The Warriors are now one game away from a ring, a ring they've been after all season and the first for the Warriors in decades. The next game is in Cleveland tomorrow evening and it should end there with our Warriors winning the NBA Championship.

There are tons of back stories going on now. Like LaBron sitting at the podium after the game last night telling reporters he's not worried because "I'm the best player in the world"! Web Link

"Undermanned by every definition of the word, James played all but three minutes in the game, scoring 40 points while grabbing 14 rebounds and dishing out 11 assists. Unable to do everything by himself, James contributed to well over 75 percent of Cleveland’s points on the night." - from here; Web Link

Well Mr James, you may be "the best in the world, but basketball is a Team sport.

It was Curry who showed why and how he walked away with the League's MVP Award and he did it at Delly's expense.

There may end up being some irony here, however. I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but what if the Warriors win it in Cleveland tomorrow and James is anointed the Championship MVP? It could happen.

GO WARRIORS!! Great job last night. One more and it's over!

Good post George. I am worried about the failed plays of the Warriors. They have to work on their free throws. They have to garder more points in the first half. The win amounted to great playing in the fourth quarter. I like the interviewed Warrior's and their coach know that they played a mediocre game the first three quarters. This is why their post game interviews lacked enthusiasm.

>> Is This the Year of the Warrior? <<

You betcha!

I was so excited about the Warriors win last night that I was darn near speechless. We all knew they had the best win/loss record this season. We all believed they were the best team in the NBA this year. We all knew they could/should win it all - but they (and we) had to go through the process, one game at a time to get there.

Well, now we are "there". The Golden State Warriors are officially the NBA Champions and they did it in six games in the Finals, sending LaBron home pouting, whining and telling anyone that would listen that he is the best player in the world. Yeah, thanks LeBron for the heads-up. Now if you don't mind, ...

What a season. What a Play-off series. What a Finals series.

There's no need to fill up this content box with stories, platitudes and more. There is plenty in the news to satisfy that aspect; stories, back stories and more, on the teams, the coaches, the players, the players' families and more yet.

All I can say, in stunned and exhilarating relief is - Congratulations to the Warriors organization from top to bottom (if there is a bottom). Congratulations to the team and each player on it. Enjoy the moment; one never knows if/when the next opportunity will come along to repeat.

These guys fought hard, made the needed adjustments when needed and never quit.

The Warriors are truly a great example of Champions. I am proud of them, what they accomplished and how they did it. Amazing team and organization and it all started with new ownership several years ago.

Look at the Golden State Warriors now! Champions, all!

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