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We are missing Mark Foyer

And if you are a fan of local Coastside sports, we know that you are too.

Many in the community have already heard that Mark is in the hospital and fighting a very serious medical situation. Doctors believe that he may have Gillian-Barre Syndrome, which is an autoimmune condition. Many recover fully, but Gillian-Barre can also be life-threatening. He was having respiratory issues in the days leading up to his hospitalization earlier this month, though I don't know that anyone really completely understands what brought this on.

Mark is currently in the ICU at Mills-Peninsula Hospital. He is not able to take visitors and the hospital says that it will accept cards on his behalf, but not flowers, banners or anything like that. We'll certainly let you know as that changes.

My understanding from reading some of the literature is that the prognosis is difficult and that it could take months or even longer for a full recovery. I need to stress that I haven't spoken with his doctors. Mark's brother has been very gracious to keep us informed of Mark's progress and I'll pass along news as it comes.

We held off talking about this here or in the newspaper for a number of days because his family asked that we wait on a more definitive diagnosis. They are now comfortable with us sharing the news. We know that Mark is beloved (and I say that without any hyperbole) by many on the coast. We -- I -- apologize for not being able to share any more information until now.

I'm in the process of putting together a plan to cover sports in Mark's absence. Many of you know Sonia Myers. She's got long roots in the local sporting world and she's agreed to help us out. I'll also be pleading with local coaches, team parents and fans to send us results and photos and to let me know at clay@hmbreview.com of any sporting news that we should be covering. We will do our level best to honor Mark with our efforts.

All of us in the Review building are heartbroken at the moment. In many ways Mark is the heart of our newsroom. I've never met anyone more dedicated to his job, anyone more willing to work nights and weekends... I've never met anyone like Mark, period. We miss him. We want him back. Thank you for your thoughts.


Wow. I'm close to speechless.

The only thing I can offer is that I hope Mark gets through this quickly and is back to work quickly. He is one of a kind, and that is meant sincerely and in the most positive light.

Hurry back Mark, please.

Well-written, Clay. Mark is a long-time local treasure, completely dedicated to coastside sports and athletes. I have seen him at early, late, and weekend hours, here in HMB and throughout the bay area, covering what others might consider small events. But the participants don't think they're inconsequential, and Mark does a wonderful job of shining light on their accomplishments. He is also well-respected throughout the bay area, especially in terms of his track and field knowledge, experience, and encyclopedic memory.

We can only wish him the speediest of recoveries, and I hope that I'll soon be listening to more of Scoop's corny jokes. Thoughts and prayers to Mark and his family.

Thanks Clay.

The thing that is so great about Mark is that he cares as much about the stolen base that a AAA player gets at Smith as much as a touchdown pass at HMB HS. Everyone can be a star.

Get well Scoop. We love ya and we need you.

I'm sorry to hear this and hope Mark finds his way to the speediest and fullest recovery possible. All the best from another fan.

Hurry back, his understanding isn't got from reading stuff in papers-

look forward to his delight when the cougars win!

We were heartbroken to read this news.

Scoop has been part of our best Half Moon Bay moments from LIttle League to Cross Country State Championships. We are thinking of you and praying for a full and speedy recovery.

You are missed!

Hi Mark,

I hope you will see this note, and that you have a Speedy recovery. You are a great man; always sensitive to others and ready to help or just to report on how things are, with just the right amount of positive twist to keep your articles upbeat and fun to read. Get healthy and back to work soon! Your brother Aleph, Andy

Hey Scoop,

I know you will make a magnificent comeback like our beloved Cougars!

You are a coastal icon and we are all rooting for you.

Even if it takes a while to recover I am sure I will see you on the sidelines before the first football game of the season and listen to all of your latest bad jokes. Hopefully I can visit you soon and get most of those out of the way early this year.

Rest assured the France family and entire Cougar Clan are all thinking about you and sending good vibes your way. We wish you all the best and can't wait to see you.

Mark, This community loves you and needs you. Get well soon!

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