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What Are We Breeding?

Many of us played some form of organized sports in our youth. There are many advantages to participating; pushing oneself to new heights and achievements, learning how to work with others, understanding the concept of a team and much more. It used to be so much fun, such hard work, of course, but that hard work provided so many rewards. What has happened to sports?

Over the last few years we have seen sports stars do all sorts of things...illegal things, as if they are a privileged bunch and can do what they like. From literally knocking one's girlfriend out in an elevator to murder and just about everything in between.

Aaron Hernandez, a gifted tight end (X) for the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, after signing a $40+ Million contract, gets arrested and charged with murder (multiple murders actually), then fired from the Patriots as they march to another Super Bowl victory, and today was found Guilty on all counts: "Aaron Hernandez found guilty of first-degree murder", Web Link

Is this what we want our kids to aspire to? What causes this to be repeated throughout the professional sports world?

Imho, it is all about the money. These atheletes are 'favored' throughout there career, starting long before they hit the pro level. They receive special recognition and treatment from the first time they are 'recognized' as special at their sport and continue to get favored treatment throughout their schooling and their adult lives. Heck, a lot of them sign multi-million contracts before they are even 20 y/o; and it does something to them ... something bad to many.

Hernandez is just another glaring example of self-entitlement and arrogance. He is another example of what is wrong with us.

He will now spend the rest of his natural born life in prison - except for the two more trials he will attend; another murder trial and yet one more civil trial for shooting a friend in the eye!

Is this really what we want our youth to emulate, to be? Is the drive to win a championship acceptable at all costs?


"Beyond Aaron Hernandez: 6 other NFL stars who faced murder charges", Web Link

And this is only one of the many stories that liter professional sports news. From domestic abuse to drunk driving to murder and murder for hire; what message are we sending? These are just some of the stories, the ones we know about. How many other stories are there that we don't know about?

When a kid out of college gets an eight digit check with years ahead of the same, what is it that we are telling them?

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I remember the day when we looked up to these athletes, dreaming of that touchdown move or that ninth inning walk-off home run in Game 7 of the World Series.

Times have changed. Teams hire whoever they think will help them win, regardless of their history. It's just not the same, even as it was just a few short years ago.

Whatever happened to the likes of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice? What ever happened to pro sports?

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