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Is There A Conflict Between Maximum Opportunity And Proper Regulation Or Do They Require Each Other?

My brother and I bought an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, AKA, UAF, Drone Quad Copter the other day. After less then three hours of flight time, my brother managed to stop shraping rotors and we obtained the video I am about to link.

I hope you you will watch it a few times. If the music bugs you, go ahead and turn it down, It imparts no wisdom. its just music. We almost went with Tom Petty, Learning To Fly, but my brother likes Floyd, Learning to Fly.

Its late and while wine and whisky may have lubricated the process of creating this video, neither will enhance our analysis of the subtle metaphors it seems to contains.

I am going to bed: Web Link


Well done!!! Really beautiful with a good message. The wide angle curve of the ocean horizon lends an other worldly feel, as if you're experiencing the essence of the oceanic Planet Earth.

Pink Floyd was the right choice... more profound and appropriate.


Really great. Now all that's left to do is upgrade your camera to 1080p, and you're off to the races!

Every time I see one of these vids I get closer to purchasing one of those things!

Thanks for the kind words. Some things to know:

1) The FAA has started warning people who post these kinds of videos on Youtube that doing so is a violation. The ads that Youtube inserts make the video a commercial product. Unless and until we get a 333 exemption, more on that later, we won't be posting many more of these.

2) As we were leaving, a State Park Ranger had words with us. It seems that Sate Parks have laid claim to the airspace above State Park Lands. The whole video was illegally obtained.

3) John is working on getting a 333 exemption from the FAA. With the exemption, we can do commercial work with the drone. One of the requirements to get a 333 exemption is that the operator of the drone has to have at least a Private Pilots license and a current class three medical certificate. It is John's opinion that requiring a Private Pilots license in order fly one of these for a living is way overkill. On the other hand, he finally might make some money off the investment he made in getting his ratings. The requirement is a significant barrier to entering the market so we have a advantage and will for two years more while the FAA finalizes the rules for commercial use of UAVs.

4) My dumb ass brother wanted to see what happens when the drone is flown into a cave. Sure enough, it loses connection with the GPS system. Three more broken rotors. Dumb ass.

5) Here is the drone we are using: -- Web Link

6) The Q500 is able to stream the video it is recording back to an iPhone. That means we can theoretically use it to provide a realtime feed.

7) It is scary quiet.

Mr. Gruver. My brother says you can deploy a dozen of them in the air space above your house so as to harass rude pilots. What's that all about?

Well, DU, that's about it being illegal to use coherent light, bows & arrows, guns, and/or other current-technology devices that might assist me in my age-old campaign against rude private pilots. Potentially, drones would be an viable method to incapacitate rude private pilots, but I'm fairly sure their use might just end up getting me tossed in the clink, not to mention possibly causing permanent injury to said rude private pilots (never been my intention - that's for anybody from the FAA who is reading this) and/or innocent bystanders. So, I'll just continue to Don Quixote my campaign.

BTW: your brother did act like a dumb ass, but he's cool too! I wish I'd seen that cave "flight" ;)

"4) My dumb ass brother wanted to see what happens when the drone is flown into a cave. Sure enough, it loses connection with the GPS system. Three more broken rotors. Dumb ass."

That will last a long time in my memory banks under two categories (one's back-up / redundancy);

1) one of the funniest posts I've seen in a while

2) it is sooo JCU

Thanks for sharing. Now we know for sure which sibling got the brains and good looks.

Question now has to be; will he do it again expecting different results? :)

He forgot to hit the record button, again, while exploring the bat cave. Dumb ass.

Funny stuff, lol...

Impressed at the smoothness of the video. Did you stabilize this in post or was the camera doing it?

Camera is doing it. Three axis gimbals and gyroscopes.

Should note that other than the slow motion part at the very end, no effects were used. What you see is what we got.

John and Dan you missed your calling. You should be writers and program directors for the networks. Move over Seth McFarlane, John and Dan are on their way to Hollywood.

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