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We Had To See This Coming, and It Makes Me Ill

The dismantling of the San Francisco 49ers is now officially underway.

We all know the Harbaugh story, so no need to repeat it - but his firing was the start. Now, our buddy Jed York (dumber than a post), is listening to Trent Baalke. If you were to ask me, Baalke doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground regarding the NFL ... maybe football altogether.

So Jed says we need "to win with class"! What the Hell does that mean, anyway. Seems he has a very short memory. It was Harbaugh that took a sun-500 team to the NFC Championship his very first year as an NFL coach - with the very same team Singletary couldn't break 500 with; no offense to Singletary. I always liked him as a player ... not so much as a coach, but he tried.

The first words after Jim was shown the door and we got that crap about "class", we heard Jed himself say that Gore was our man / that he was here to stay / that he would see "the rock" more going forward / that he is one of the best ever - and now we hear that Gore is heading to Phili? He may or may not end up there, but the point is he won't be here!

Follow that up with Patrick Willis and Justin Smith, both announcing their retirement tomorrow. And this is all within the last 24 hours!

What the Hell is wrong with the Yorks. The whole family has a severe case of optic rectitus; like father like son.

We are in the early stages of witnessing the 9ers, the oh so close 9ers under Harbaugh, after a decade of failure, being taken apart just like one might disassemble a vehicle for parts...and it just breaks my heart.


Web Link - "Patrick Willis to announce retirement"

Web Link - "Mike Iupati plans to leave 49ers for Arizona Cardinals" Web Link - "Santa Clara Police Arrest San Francisco 49ers Player Bruce Miller for Spousal Battery"

Web Link - "Patrick Willis, Justin Smith retiring from 49ers"

Web Link - "49ers in danger of falling into NFC West basement"

The Forty-Niners won't even be sniffing a ring for at least another decade ... and we were so close.

and I just saw this; "NFL: 3 Potential Landing Spots for Colin Kaepernick", Web Link

Oh, and I forgot to provide this one; "49ers reportedly believe they're losing Frank Gore, RB's trainer bashes team and more", Web Link

It all just makes me sick.

What is happening to our 9ers is so outrageous, so extreme, that it is making news everywhere - even in NY: Web Link "The amateur to blame for this stunning 49ers demolition".

And here I though it was all about winning, not dismantling a winning team, starting with one of the best coaches in NFL history, then working its way through some of the best players in the league.

Well, there's always a flip-side; I have very little doubt that Pete Carroll is upset about this stunning activity. He probably can't decide whether to laugh or cry. His only division rival is now officially gone. I wonder if he's looking for a few good players.

I have very little doubt that the firing of Harbaugh, which then led to firing Fangio did it for the defensive players. The new coaching staff for the Niners guarantee us another decade of getter dwelling. It is just so sad. Kap and the rest better be looking around. The only opportunity any of them have now is for failure. If I know failure is inevitable, and it now is as a Niner, I'd be looking to go somewhere where at least, if I give my best I've got a shot at winning. Gore to the Colts might be an example of that.

Dismantling is the right word. Talk about a do over!

Its not just the changes but also the turmoil that is going to surround that whole organization that will drag them down even lower, IMHO.

Sometimes the turmoil from do-over is worth it.

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