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HMB Varsity Wrestling Team wins 2nd straight PAL Final Championship Tournament

The Varsity Team won its Second Straight PAL Final Championship Tournament.

Place winners were:

222 lbs Marcos Sarabia - CHAMPION! 3 years in a row!

128 lbs Evan Marschall - CHAMPION

172 lbs Jim Alves - CHAMPION

115 lbs EdRey Casamina - 2nd Place

122 lbs Emilio Bautista - 2nd Place

140 lbs Khalil Droubi - 2nd Place

197 lbs Ricky Camacho - 2nd Place. Only the 5th Freshmen in HMB History to make it to Finals

287 lbs David Corona - 2nd Place

162 lbs Hugo Plancarte - 3rd Place

132 lbs Will Fullerton - 4th Place

184 lbs Sam Bower - 4th Place. 1st year wrestler placing in Varsity!

Top 3- place winners advance to the CCS Tournament next week. The 4th place finishers are alternates and might get into CCS.


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