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HMB JV Wrestling Team PAL Finals Tournament Champions

The JV Wrestling Team won its 3rd Straight PAL Final Tournament Championship!

Top place winners were:

122 lbs Tristan Keller - CHAMPION

140 lbs Jasper Gananian - CHAMPION

287 lbs Miguel Camacho - CHAMPION

128 lbs Javier Morales - 2nd Place

154 lbs Alex Jeronimo - 2nd Place

197 lbs German Aquino - 2nd Place

287 lbs Jacob Gehret - 2nd Place

115 lbs Marlon Linares - 3rd Place

147 lbs Brandon Guio - 3rd Place

287 lbs Armondo Santos - 3rd Place

122 lbs Luis Alcala - 4th Place

128 lbs Adrian Sanchez - 4th Place

147 lbs Adrian Rangel - 4th Place



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