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Wait on filling in the brackets

On Feb. 18, 1994, I made one of the truly greatest mistakes a journalist can make. The only good thing is that no one saw it or knew of it, until now.

Prior to heading to Aragon High School to see the Dons’ play rival Hillsdale in the regular season finale, I wrote about seven paragraphs about the Dons’ victory.

You read correctly. I wrote about a victory for a game that was hours from tipping off.

Aragon was 17-0 in league play, 24-2 overall. All I can say about Hillsdale was that it entered the game with a 3-14 league record. Hillsdale’s season was going to end that night while the Dons were getting ready for a long playoff run.

That explains the seven paragraphs to celebrate the greatness of the Dons.

Then they played the game. When I got to my computer, I read over my story one final time, and erased it. Hillsdale pulled off the victory.

Why admit a 21-year-old mistake that no one saw?

In the last few days, I have had conversations with several people away from Half Moon Bay who have gotten out their bracket for the boys PAL tournament, and placed Half Moon Bay in the spot reserved for the PAL North champion.

It could be as bad as a Kansas City sporting goods shop advertising the Royals World Series Championship T-shirts, before the first pitch of Game 7 was thrown.

I’m not trying to be one of those nattering nabobs of negativism media folks here.

It’s just that Half Moon Bay still has to play Terra Nova, a very good team that could make a nice run in the PAL Tournament and Central Coast Section playoffs.

Remember, at the first meeting, the Tigers led for the entire first half.

Could Terra Nova pull it off? Perhaps. Remember, in sports, just about anything is possible.

Just don’t put Half Moon Bay in the PAL North 1 spot in the bracket until after the game is over.


Honesty; how refreshing!

That, of course, leads one (maybe more than one ... maybe many) to wonder ... to ponder ... to perhaps wish - would you, Mark, be available to run for public office?

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