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HMB Varsity Boys Wrestling Team 4th @ El Camino/PAL Championship this Thursday

The Varsity boys were in action today. They placed 4th out of 39 teams. Place winners were:

287 lbs David Corona placed 2nd

115 lbs Tristan Keller placed 3rd

172 lbs Jim Alves placed 3rd, his second straight Varsity Tournament placing.

197 lbs FRESHMAN Ricky Camacho placed 3rd in his first Varsity Tournament.

140 lbs Jaspar Gananian placed 4th

122 lbs Will Fullerton placed 5th

162 lbs Luis Vasquez won the Consolation Championship

184 lbs Sam Bower won the Consolation Championship

The Frosh/Soph wrestled at the F/S Wilcox Tournament today as well. Place winners were:

122 lbs Marlon Linares placed 6th

122 lbs Jose Vasquez placed 8th

126 lbs Luis Alcala placed 7th

287 lbs Jose Rodriguez placed 8th.

The JV and Varsity Teams can win the Peninsula Athletic League Duel Meet Championship this Thursday, at HMB, against Terra Nova. Wrestling starts at 6 pm



I don't follow wrestling at all, but I see your devoted posts here each week on TA and I just wanted to say thank you for promoting and supporting our local kids and athletes. If whatever support you give them is anything like your perseverance here then they are lucky to have you.

Warmest Regards,



Thank You.However, my assistant coaches are awesome to. Jim Claitor, Sam Temko, Ronnie Ekis are due credit as well. I have great Alumni that stop by and give a day or 2 as well. Josh Brown and Nate Rey are regulars. As well as Mario Sarabia and Jose Ayon.

All good programs have support. Thank you for the recognition

tom baker

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