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Toxic Turf

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I was so disappointed in CUSD's response to this health threat when I read that LA, has already removed this toxic substance containing lead, arsenic and phalithates from all their fields with artificial turf. CUSD should follow suit.

Washing kids hands will not deal with airborne particulate matter identified at the four fields in the 2009 EPA study. Nor will it deal with the crumbs that soccer goalies, in particular and any other soccer player, football player, baseball player or cheerleader who get these tiny crumbs in their mouths and sometimes ingest.

Remember smaller kids are receiving larger doses relative to body weight.

While CUSD "studies" the situation kids are suffering exposure.

Current research has already identified an increase in a type of leukemia in soccer goalies.

Has CUSD sent out a warning to parents about the possible health risks from playing on fields with crumb rubber, After all it should be their decision what risks they are willing to take with their children's health. A letter home about this issue seems to be in order. After all parents receive a notice from the school about head lice in a child's classroom...at least they used to

The removal of the toxic crumb rubber, as soon as possible, would be a project that would truly be "for the kids"!


Bill, you put out a request to your readers in this week's edition for suggestions on topics to be covered. This one should be at the top of your list for a good investigative reporter.

There is scads of information out there on the internet from reputable sources. I think 20/20 or 60 minutes did a segment on this. Which other communities around the state and country have already removed or are planning on removing this known toxic substance? There are many questions to be investigated on this topic. The cost of virgin rubber crumbs may be several times the cost of crumb rubber made from recycled rubber from sports shoes.

Lead exposure is known to be serious problem that can cause cognitive deficits and speech and language delays in infants and young children.

I really hope you do a series on this issue! You can truly be a fourth estate change agent on this topic. This would be a real service to the community.

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