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Senior Center gets a proper toast

It had been somewhere near two decades in the making, so the fact the grand opening of the senior campus on Main St. came some 10 months after being first put to use is appropriate. After all, patience seems to have paid off for this group. Thursday night's celebration felt like a real ribbon cutting and was complete with nearly all who had a hand in bringing the stunning facility to fruition. Leslie Meyer, a former director of the Coastside Adult Day Health Center, was there sharing a photo album from opening ceremony of their previous center in 1982. Times have certainly changed. She was one of many who delivered heart felt speeches thanking those with the vision to see the project through to completion. The hurdles have been many said Marian Herreid, who has held nearly every position from volunteer to board member. Her motion that this facility forever be a place for successful aging and a crossroads for all ages was seconded by a cheering crowd. Directors Cara Schmaljohn and Janie Bono-James closed the ceremony with a toast to the staff, volunteers, donors, and government and community organizations that have come together for the common cause. "Many say that a community can be judged by how it treats their elders," Janie said. "If that's the case then this community has made it." Looking around the proud and smiling crowd, it would be hard to argue with her.

If you have yet to peek inside the senior campus, they're always happy to show off the new digs. All communities should be so lucky to have a place like this.


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