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CUSD Pays the Price For Disregarding The Law

Recall last summer when John Charles Ullom and AFOG were taking a lot of heat here on Talkabout and in the Review for their opposition to theSchool Board and The City's unwillingness to follow the law with regard to the repairs on the high school football stadium. Remember the School District decided to postpone the project after JCU published a series of damming E mails. Well, the school district was also forced to pay AFOG's legal fees according to this press release issued today.

"The Cabrillo Unified School District (CUSD) in Half Moon Bay will have to reimburse j fees of over $41,000 to Advocates For Open Government (AFOG), in response to a decision by San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Marie S. Weiner.

Judge Weiner’s decision was handed down on December 18, 2014. She found that a lawsuit by AFOG, challenging the failure of the District to follow the California Environmental Quality Act (or CEQA), resulted in significant public benefits, because that lawsuit forced the District to follow the state’s environmental review law. The District was proposing to carry out a major track and field project at Half Moon Bay High School without complying with CEQA, and without making legally required provisions for persons with physical disabilities.,"


BB thanks for following this-

If I read this right, there is still opportunity for the CUSD to address the improvements they want to make, just that they were found to have violated the statedprotocol.

Who is ultimately responsible?

ULLOM's? Who does this bad decision rest with? Who ordered the work?

Who said to ignore the protocol?

Is this an ongoing pattern?

It seems like it is tied to the development of those parcels downhill, and ultimately reliant on the drainage "ditches" you so astutely understood were being slated for channelization.

There is a lot of water coming from up there.

Those downhill areas from podesta/beachwood to ailanto etc all of them are having to drain through either the farmer's field there by the church or the "9 or so acres" that are there near the sewer plant. Why do you think they keep a road cut on the beachwood tract?

foothill blvd big hotel, payday for locals..

mostly those landowners,

ps look at the board of the B&G club and see what's what...

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