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Really bad timing...

On Tuesday afternoon, I was a bit taken aback to receive a press release from Caltrans saying there were plans to close one lane of traffic -- the only place to pass heading eastbound between Half Moon Bay and lower Highway 35.

It wasn't immediately clear to me where the work was planned (the release said it would begin "at Mile Marker 3.1 in the city of Half Moon Bay..."), so I called the agency spokeswoman for our region. She was pleasant and professional and acknowledged that her agency could have done a better job pinpointing the work.

I asked her whether she was aware of the regular October traffic on Highway 92 and she was. She said the schedule was the schedule and these projects just have to continue when the time comes.

Then, today, we got a cryptic email with with the subject line, "Advisory for heavy traffic on Route 1." It didn't say much but included a link to Caltrans' District 4 website. On it, outlined as if by a yellow Highlighter, were the words, "Heavy Traffic Expected on Route 1 in Pacifica this Weekend, October 18 & 19, Expect Delays and Use Alternate Routes such as I-280 & Route 92."

And that is it. I called the spokeswoman back today and she said it was just an effort to be proactive. Her agency expects heavy traffic on Highway 1 through Pacific due to the ongoing work at San Pedro Avenue. It's the agency's considered opinion that Pumpkin Festival-goers would be better off taking Highway 92. Oh boy.

By the way, there is apparently little chance of the agency postponing the work that is scheduled to shut the No. 2 lane headed eastbound and up the hill on Thursday and Friday. Caltrans says the work is urgent -- besides the grinder has to be somewhere else next week.

It would seem to us that the agency might do a better job of coordinating work around big, predictable events. Perhaps it could avoid roadwork in Gilroy around Garlic Festival time and make sure not to shut the Great America Parkway on San Francisco 49er game days.

That's all we ask here in pumpkin city.


"Really bad timing..." isn't even strong enough. I can think of other words or phrases that might be a better fit, but this is a family site, so I'll sum it up in one word; Stupid.

Every year, for forty-four years mind you, HMB has hosted the Annual Pumpkin Festival that generates about a quarter of a million visitors over the same three days each year: the third weekend of October.

Our tax dollars at work. So frustrating, So callous, so incredibly insensitive. But, on the other hand, we wouldn't want to mess with the State's (apparently) only "grinder's" schedule, now would we?

This is just one more reason to stock up at CostCo, turn on the tube and watch some football...all weekend. Niners will cap off the weekend on Sunday Night Football, in Denver. By then, assuming for a moment that I follow my own suggestion (CostCo, beer & football), I should be sufficiently inebriated to not notice the parts of that game that I might not like.

Thanks for the heads-up, Clay. Appreciate your efforts.

Hey all, good news. Just got notice from Caltrans that they are canceling the paving project. What do you know... More to come.

Hey Clay, Thanks....Can you post you'r last post to Breaking News so that we can do damage control for folks that dont read Talkabout?


^^^ It would seem to us that the agency might do a better job of coordinating work around big, predictable events. Perhaps it could avoid roadwork in Gilroy around Garlic Festival time and make sure not to shut the Great America Parkway on San Francisco 49er game days. ^^^

I just love journalist humor.


if you never thought about staying indoors over the punkfest now's the time.

If you have any medical condition that could require a quick dispatch to the hospital,

stay in a hotel over the hill for fri/sat/sun

the work going on in san pedro creek is the worst idea for timing they could have had,

they should entirely close linda mar blvd except to local traffic, no left turn from linda mar blvd onto hwy 1 nort, or through traffic to the coast.

Shut linda mar blvd intersection except to local traffic, IE the gas station etc.

any cars that make it to the gas station will have to go left uturn back to crespi or into the safeway parkng lot to go back via detour signs

I know it's a lot,

but I guarantee, the linda mar blvd stoplight for cars coming out of linda mar, is going to JUST KILL all the traffic.

Forget it.

People coming south from sf etc?

they will vow never to come again.

Maybe someone wants that

this is a clear reminder of why we need strong leaders with foresight

who thought october would be OK to shut any lane of HWY 1 approaches to HMB?

Where were our responsible leaders then?

The problem is not the Linda Mar light (although I have to admit the SNAFU there is bad too), it's the addition of the "temporary" light at Pedro Point. There is no fix except to eliminate that light. The die was cast when they decided to do the bridge replacement with the detour (that most likely looked great on paper) but waited until the tunnel was opened. That tunnel is responsible for at least four times the pre-tunnel traffic between Montara and Pacifica (heck, probably more like six to eight times).

BTW: I feel that limiting the Pedro Point light to 2-minutes green for every 8-minutes green on Hwy 1 would ameliorate the weekend horro show at Linda Mar.

George - I like your style.

Clearly, Obama messed up again.

Good work, Clay. Thanks for tracking this down. We've all seen some jaw-droppers from Cal Trans over the years, but this one is in a category all by itself.

George, if you're headed for Costco, you should probably leave now. Otherwise you might not make it back for kickoff on Sunday night.

I stocked up at (SF) Costco today. I will not venture onto Hwy 1 either Saturday or Sunday. Well, OK, my wife and I may walk across Hwy 1 to walk the bluff trail. No worries as the traffic will be going at <5mph.

have to hope the BIG ONE doesn't hit this weekend... many, many cars full of unsuspecting lousy drivers & family & friends will be stuck in the tunnel for a loooooong time...

>>I will not venture onto Hwy 1 either Saturday or Sunday.<<

Nor will I. It is wrong that we are put into this position, but I accept and adapt to reality. There was a time when I would have fought the wrong, and I hope that some younger and stronger do, but now I bow to it - at least about this particular wrong.


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